Jithin Jose

I am professional webdeveloper.
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Who am I?

Looking forward to associate myself in a challenging position in the field of Information Technology where my analytical and logical skills can be enhanced and hence prove my worth as an asset in a competitive environment.

Aptitude to take up challenging assignments and interested to work on different kinds of applications and emerging technologies. Excellent comprehensive problem solving abilities. Ability to work as an individual and or as part of a team.

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Skills & Attributes

PHP & MVC Framework
JQuery & Angular JS
LAMP Server Management
Mysql & DBA
Windows Application Development in VB 10

My Specialities

Web Devolopement

PHP, CodeIgniter , Wordpress.

Front-End Web Development

Specialized in HTML5,Jquery and Angularjs.


Opencart based E-commerce projects.

Education & Jobs

Jun 2006 - May 2008
Higher Secondary Education
ST. Thomas HSS Malayattoor
Jun 2008 - Dec 2012
B-Tech in Information Technology
Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology, Vazhakulam , Kerala
Jan 2004 - Current
Software Engineer, Web Development
Quintet Solutions Pvt Ltd, Cochin, Kerala , India



Hobbies & Interests

  • Coding,
  • Coding
  • & Coding
  • Blogging
  • Movies
8085 Simulator
Windows app which simulate 8085 microprocessor
Pc Boost
Windows optimisation and customization software
Web based game designed using PHP and WebScokets
PHP Library for easy websocket implementation
APC Admin
New real time admin interface for PHP APC Cache
Product search engine built with PHP,APC,Sphinx & Mysql
ServerPulse –  Simple way to monitor web server from chrome

ServerPulse – Simple way to monitor web server from chrome

Install ServerPulse Download mypulse.php Real-time server monitoring is an job for a system administrator. But for a web admin handling basic server monitoring,it is a time consuming task. In that case if it is a LAMP server ServerPulse is the best choice. This simple plugin helps to monitor multiple server using web browser. Which monitor […]

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APC Admin – New generation admin interface for PHP APC

APC Admin – New generation admin interface for PHP APC

PHP APC(Alternative PHP Cache) is the best leading module for OpCode And User data caching in PHP. Other casing solutions like memcache provide a good competition for APC cache. But still APC have its advantage in simplicity and well provided documentation. One another advantage of APC is it provide an admin interface apc.php. This interface […]

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Poojyam.in : Realtime Multiplayer Game Using Websockets

Poojyam.in : Realtime Multiplayer Game Using Websockets

Poojyam.in in simple two player game which make use of the advantage of HTML5 WebSocket technology to provide realtime multiplayer gaming experience. Poojyam.in is bases on ‘Poojyam Vettukali’ game famous mostly in southern part of india. ‘Poojyam Vettukali’ is a simple board game which need almost realtime update amoung users. Design and User Experience Poojyam.in is completely responsive and compactable to lower […]

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PHP Websocket Library – Two way real time communication

PHP Websocket Library – Two way real time communication

From the born of www era and the implementation of JavaScript and ajax, web is looking for a solution to find out real time client-server bidirectional communication. Now It is been suggested to include within HTML5 and has been in full developmental phase. Although it not yet recommenced by W3, it is been wildly implemented in most of modern web browsers including Google Chrome,Opera,Firefox and safari. The Need for Real-time communication for web-applications. Some of […]

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